Sunken Houses

by The Mighty Sequoyah

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Recorded at Black Pyramid Recording by Cade Thalman, Bret Meisenbach, Alexander Woods, and Caleb Darger


released May 18, 2012

Caleb Darger - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Hannah Matheson - Violin, Vocals
Bret Meisenbach - Drums, Vocals
Alexander Woods - Guitar, Keys, Vocals
Adam Klopp - Bass, Banjo, Vocals
Mike Dixon - Pedal Steel Guitar



all rights reserved


The Mighty Sequoyah Provo, Utah

The Mighty Sequoyah is Caleb Darger, Hannah Matheson, Bret Meisenbach, Alexander Woods, and Mike Dixon. We are on indefinite hiatus.

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Track Name: Medicine Man
Who to condemn when we've built a fire under them?
Generations will remember us as brave, just men
Gold in the hills, keep our pockets filled
Why are they all breathing still? There's gold in the hills

Stuck beside the river's edge
None of us will get revenge
And none of us know where to go
So we're following the blood in the snow

My brother, they must know

Medicine man, let me go
Follow your signals of smoke
Blankets thin and full of holes
No shelter from the cold

The frosty road numbed my toes
The blackness crawled up to my throat
Just leave my body in the snow
Let my spirit fly on home
Track Name: Sunken Houses
Take this wounded heart, claim it as your own
Envy, a curse for me
It could warm this globe, melt this icy hold
Green sleeves, deliver me

Nothing in this world can be only
How at first it might appear to be

Sandy ground, sunken houses found
Turn them upside down
Once so proud, just look at us now
Wrapped in a snowy shroud

Oh fiery peaks, be good to me
The world in her grace
Mother Earth, devour me
I am coming home
Track Name: Porcelain
Oh, don't leave me like I am
I need you more than ever now, you know
Love, the body isn't made for such misuse
I should be on my way soon

Don't give up on me,
I'm worth your time

On the porcelain you're painting
The saddest face the world has ever seen
Hold my head and pull me under
If it's you I won't put up a fight

Don't give up on me,
I'm worth your time

Love waits for nobody
Don't make me wait
Track Name: Insect
Will you let your hair grow long like I like it?
I will love you just the same
Cause I'm the insect and you're the light
I'm drawn to you, but I don't know why
So I will linger until I die, or you burn out

The sun set on the Capitol
As we watched it, the congressmen loosened their ties
After a hard day's work done
I'm not as strong as I let on
I've grown weak in my young age
And when you're gone, for you I long
There is hunger, but I don't belong here

When conversation is too much, will you lie with me?
Track Name: The Insider
Don't let me down, I've waited long enough
And I'm tired of waiting for you
A bad turn around, I buried my love underground
But my heart still sounds for you

Nobody's out smoking on Sundays
They're wasting away all day
While I'm stuck in here
And I try to turn trash into gold,
Or just something to hold onto

Cause I've been writing all these sad songs
They've been coming out wrong
I don't know why I can't just move on
You've been gone for so long

Peace be with you, oh freedom writer
We gave power to that venomous spider
But you're making this world a little brighter
Track Name: Call Me Home
Your bright blue eyes see right through me
And answer all of my questions without saying a thing
Forget the past, babe forget what I said
I have been missing you from the moment I left

Leave some space for me and I swear there I'll be
Anytime that you need if you just call me

Call me home, and I'll be coming home
If there's still a home there for me

Summer in December,
I found what I wasn't looking for
But I can hardly remember your face anymore
Curse this awful cold, say the word and I'll be sold
Let's head south and we'll get married
and together grow old
Track Name: Know You
Love of mine, we're stuck in time
We won't always be young
I am pious, but keeping quiet
You and I are as one, but I'll never know you

The fire came, we prayed for rain
As smoke filled our lungs
Under the black sky
You wept as I held you in my arms
But I'll never know you
Track Name: Home
Well it's hard for me to leave it all behind
Everything that I would once call mine
Mountains and the fields, stars at night
But now crowded streets, and tall buildings I'm gone

Snowflakes drop like diamonds in the sky
They are only boulders to my eyes
It was never hard to say goodbye
To the rain or snow, so here I go, I'm gone

I hide from dark skies

Bloodsuckers run rampant in this town
They come out at night from their homes in the ground
But I'll be leaving soon I'm homeward bound
To factories, and tall buildings I'm gone

I remember lying in tall grass
Telling secrets on our backs
I shared everything I ever had
But now black freight train and ocean bay
I'm home
Track Name: Copper Mine
Mother of mine, have I seen to much
for you to ever love me?
I hide the dirt under my fingernails
But it's not hard to tell they're unclean
Cause I've walked roads and I look back now
And I wonder how I ever did
The road was not ever paved with gold,
But I was too young to know it

Brother of mine, I have seen enough,
And I love you too much to just sit back
And watch you sink deep down into the mud
'Til you let go of your grudge, you will

There is no end to time,
The sun will always shine
And even if fire destroys the copper mine
We'll be fine